About My Freewill Journey

‘Your freewill is to choose your life as you know and feel it is right for you’

I help you find solutions and break down obstacles in your life’

                                       Counselling in Greek language also-Μιλαω Ελληνικα- ειμαι απο Ελληνικη kαταγωγη                                                                                                                                            

                                                              Hello and Welcome!

Hi, my name is Paris, from Melbourne- here I am with my lovely cumquat tree!

My name is Paris and I live in Melbourne, Australia.
I am a qualified and experienced Life Counsellor and am here to really listen to you.

We all need someone to talk to, someone we can trust and someone we are confident in who can listen to us and not judge our emotions or our thoughts.

We all need someone who will genuinely empathise and understand what we are trying to get ‘off our chest.’

I have had MANY life and professional experiences and feel confident in listening to and understanding your:

  •  life or work concerns, queries, questions, confusions
  • private issues
  • need to talk with someone who will respect you and genuinely care to help you solve your problems.

I have been to many counsellors/psychologists myself over the years and I know how it feels to walk out of the session feeling worse than when you started, or when the therapist just did not resonate or empathise with you, or when you felt misunderstood.

I have  extensive personal experiences with my own allergies and food intolerances  and how these can mildly or severely affect and disrupt our emotional and physical well-being, e.g. fatigue, depression. If you’d like to read about My Story please click here.

We can just talk via phone or skype! Whatever you feel comfortable with.

I practice meditation (when I  have time!) , and read extensively on all sorts of health, mind, body and  soul articles and books- so this gives me a broad understanding of myself and how everyone else can be both similar to me and differ extensively, depending on their individual self and their experiences.

I have successfully mentored teenage students in the Young Achievement Australia program teaching them about business and business skills. I am confident in mentoring and guiding people of all ages to follow their dreams, discover their skills and innate talents.

So if you want someone to make you feel worthy and listen to any issue that is on your mind, confidentially,  I have time for you.

Appointments are available constantly- flexible times- I need time out too don’t forget!

Problems arise for you all times of the day etc so I want to make myself available when you need someone most- problems aren’t just 9-5 and if you need help now- you need it now- not next week- I get that…..

Hear from you soon,

Paris Yves Read




Professional skills, experiences & qualifications- updating my very long career list! Coming soon!




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